1. Maker - FarisBatwan

    Maker - FarisBatwan

  2. Here are some images I found upon a quick search:


    This kind of stuff I don’t really post to the blog because its more special effects than a costume/mask.
    But also it creeps me out some personally, hah. Not to say it isn’t amazing work.

  3. So I’ve moved the “Archive, Ask, and Submit” buttons to the top.
    Also realized that the buttons were broken in the first place. Fixed that.

    Also resized the background image in hopes that it will load better for users. Was originally a very large image so cropped it down, tiles a little now. Not sure how much I like that.
    But if it loads better for users then awesome. And if majority of people still don’t like the background then I will look for a small, easy to load replacement.

    —- Please let me know if you Do, or Do Not like the background!! —-
    If all I get is negative feedback then it will be changed.
    I’d like a few more than 5 replies though. Thousands of people watch this blog, I’d like to hear from you!

    I’ve also tried editing the previous and next buttons but thats not coming together. I’ll try again another day with a fresh brain. If anyone has better grasp of coding, feel free to give me tips. I only have a vague knowledge.

    Thank you for the feedback!

  4. Please take a look and let me know your opinions!

    I will be looking into moving the Ask and Submit options to the top of the page, or at least making them bigger at the bottom. Need to do something to make that more obvious.

    But now the basic about section is non-optional, big for everyone to see and read. And the FAQ and other additional pages are front and center.

    Edit: The “Next” and “Previous” buttons I agree are to light/ hard to see. I will look into that.

    Will also tweak/resize the background so it loads better. Though unless I get more comments about disliking the background (which is the same background the blog has always had) I won’t be changing it. There are very rarely posts containing a lot of text. The images, which are the main focus, are perfectly viewable in my opinion.

    Also mobil form of blog has been looked into and image only shows at top of page. Does not effect the posts or text, is very much readable. No revisions will be made on that.

    Let me know if anything is disagreeable.

  5. clockworkcreature:

The Chamois, all finished! 
A photo I should have taken and posted two weeks ago.


    The Chamois, all finished! 

    A photo I should have taken and posted two weeks ago.

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  6. Maker - Faruku

    Maker - Faruku

  7. It was suggested recently that I change the theme for the blog so that the FAQ and other such things can be more noticeable.

    As I get more and more asks about “How much is a fursuit?” “How much would a head from you cost?” ect ect, it becomes a more appealing idea. I don’t know if people are trolling these asks or what, but they’ve suddenly been popping up frequently.

    So opinions on changing the blog’s theme. Good idea, bad idea? Do you really really like it the way it is? Or does it not matter?

    Please and thank you for your thoughts!

  8. Maker - Keeatah

    Maker - Keeatah

  9. Maker - MagpieBones

  10. Maker - WolfBird

    Maker - WolfBird


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